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Lior Holzman – Insomnia | Stories of the Night Sky

Lior Holzman, a Tel Aviv-based young singer, songwriter, and guitarist, has released a new song called “Insomnia,” which is very lovely and sounds really real to instantly connect with everyone. The language skillfully portrays and illustrates the strange and realistic motion of restless nights. The pulse of such kinds of nights is perfectly captured in the arrangements, which quickly take you to that world and let you envision it. Though the themes are complex and relevant, the words chosen are simple for everyone to grasp, and as the song plays, the listener breathes with the rhythm. The song’s composition is great, and the experience is further improved by the smart arrangement concepts.

The guitar progression serves as the foundation for the song’s atmosphere. As the music proceeded, more layers were added, creating a pleasing arc to follow. The harmonies have a tremendous influence on the song’s overall mood. It gives the track the appropriate warmth. The sustained pads beneath the vocals serve as the foundation upon which everything else is built. Furthermore, the string arrangements add to the whole experience. The notes hit you right in the heart, and it’s such a wonderfully composed tune. The layers never overpower the voice, but rather enhance to the track’s serenity and peaceful qualities. By nature, the song has a high likelihood of favourability, and the pleasant flavour would draw a large number of new fans to Lior’s composition.

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