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Svavar Knútur - November
Svavar Knútur - November

Svavar Knútur – November | closure

Svavar Knútur just released his new single titled November and has somehow managed to express the quintessence of my November in the span of 4 melodic minutes. Icelandic troubadour Svavar Knútur creates soundscapes that are an emotional rollercoaster ride between tear-weeping and laughing. He takes you into his spell and won’t let you go so quickly. This song can’t be classified into only one genre but floats between indie folk, pop, psychedelic elements and rock. One could also call November an indie, alternate rock production.

What Svavar Knútur does really well is create an atmosphere. From the first few seconds of the song, you know you are getting yourself into an immersive storytelling experience and feel yourself instinctively settle down. What begins with his acoustic guitar and soft, winter vocals builds up the story filled with alliterative and subtly rhyming lyrics. When the vocals pick up into harmonies, so does the music into this orchestral feeling, acappella type harmony that is complemented by a gradually progressing rhythm. November seems like the perfect song to say goodbye to the long month and welcome in the goodness of December.

With uplifting melodies, harmonies, and dynamics, these elements not only beautify but also enrich this magnificent work. Throughout the song, Svavar Knútur displays remarkable songwriting, composing, arranging, and producing abilities.

Svavar Knútur has crafted a bittersweet sense of farewell into this song of his, and it cannot be expressed entirely in words. Something about the song will make you feel at peace, no matter how turbulent you are feeling right now. You will have to listen to know that the vibes in November are immaculate.

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