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Geo – Feel It Now | Delicious Textural Display

Geo‘s “Feel It Now” has an enticing tone to it. The melody has a really well-balanced contemporary RnB sound, and the progression on top of it intensifies the colour of the texture. The songwriting has done an excellent job of keeping the song’s pace. The improvisations are enough to keep you listening to the song until it reaches its peak, where there is a tremendous extravaganza with the drums and percussion, and the music truly takes you on a journey. The portion also serves as a nice surprise and breaks up the monotony. We may not have anticipated that particular segment of the arc up to that point. So, in the end, it has a big effect right as the segment starts and fades out smoothly.

The track’s production is fantastic. The guitar chord patterns are well synced with the bass and percussion. This combo creates a really fascinating sound. The voice texture contributes significantly to the overall ambiance. The vocal delivery and her texture, which flawlessly matched each other, make the music appear to taste a specific manner. Geo’s vocal delivery is also excellent and to the point, allowing us to fully immerse ourselves in the ambiance. Overall, the sound has a big impact on the atmosphere, and the pleasant surprise at the conclusion makes a big impression on the listeners, causing them to pay attention and want to hear it again. The music grows on you the more you listen to it.

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