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Stemin – Falling | Wild Child

Award-winning singer-songwriter, musician, and performer based in Amsterdam, Stemin has released a new song called “Falling,” which includes the incredible Chiara Stroia on vocals. The songwriting is outstanding, and it has a huge impact on the listening experience. The melody is brilliantly elevated by the words, and it’s a fantastic moment when it transitions and rests on the chorus after the bridge portion. The framework is well defined by the writing, and the modulations provide such a colourful twist to the song that these spins really make your head go crazy with creativity. The entire vibe is bright and fluid, allowing you to relax and lose yourself in the song’s atmosphere.

The song’s arrangement maintained a natural flow. The song’s harmonic progression is quite robust, and the key modules have a significant influence at the conclusion. The music has a lot of movement and goes across the parts smoothly. The percussion and bass really shine out, keeping the tune tight and strong. The vocal delivery is excellent, and the clarity in the mix provides a lot of shimmering, sparkling upper frequencies, which gives the required excitement and depth. Overall, the ambiance is really comfortable for listeners to experience the sound’s subtleties. The piece’s captivating vibe will entice listeners to listen to it again and again.

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