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Joe Traxler – Lifeline | Addictive Mood

Joe Traxler, a multi-instrumentalist and producer based in Vienna, has just released his new tune “Lifeline,” which is absolutely astounding. The atmosphere has an addictive element to it that makes you want to sway along with the beat. In fact, the music interludes are tempting and help to lift the spirits. The song’s sound design is highly fascinating. The track’s engagement is considerably enhanced by the production’s meticulous delicate craftsmanship. The choppy vocals contribute a lot to the song’s tempo, keeping it going till the chorus, which is just amazing.

The groove pattern has been given more weight in the arrangement, which is emphasized by the horn parts in the chorus. Aside from them, there’s a tempting-sounding rising lo-fi pad. The changes are smoothed out by the clever use of percussions, and the muted guitars do a fantastic job of keeping the song’s energy continuing. The transition between these various electronic and acoustic textures is very perfectly handled. The soundscape is important in keeping the track engaging. The words are kept simple and clean, and the sound of the phrases has been choosen to fit in with the atmosphere. The mood would undoubtedly rub off on the listeners, making them want to move along.

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