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Godless-States Of Chaos
Godless-States Of Chaos
Godless-States Of Chaos

Godless-States Of Chaos | Repentless

Godless are back with an relentless boom after their 2018 album Swarm. They’ve got a heavier sound, great production and the vocalist continuing to let all hell break lose with their album States of Chaos. Let’s dive into disorder.

The album opens with their popular track Malevolent. It is a blast beat fueled track with superb elements of guitar and drums with bomb dives and swells from the guitars. The rhythms linger to marinate in the heavier sound that Godless control like the professionals they are. Great thrash style breakdown in the end wraps up the track. I was fortunate enough to ask Godless about their musical journey, follow the interview below.

You’ve come a long way from Centuries of Decadence. How have you viewed your music to have evolved through this time?

The experience of playing together for these many years come through in the songwriting we feel. We’ve matured as musicians and our songwriting has evolved naturally over these years. It almost seems like the music has gotten angrier. We’ve shifted more towards a death metal sound from a thrashy-death metal sound. 

Visions might be Godless’ most underrated track on this album. It has a massive opening and the quick riffage that doesn’t overshadow the thundering double bass delivery during the chorus. While carefully designing the song to not make it a mangled mess, the drums shine through with alternate time signatures that capture the shift in essence Godless have been talking about. The guitar solo at 2:13 is a perfect mixture of dark and innovative, closes the song with a bang.

Swarm has to be your magnum opus. In what ways do you think States of Chaos tries to one up what you’ve achieved there?

The Godless sound that we seem to have created is definitely still there on this record. It’s just faster, angrier and more intense on States of Chaos. We approached the songwriting and arrangement for this as a full length record. There’s a certain flow to the record which we didn’t focus as much on earlier. Apart from that the songwriting has evolved as well as we mentioned earlier. 

Decent is a gloomy interlude to their most popular track in the album, Netherworld. Summoning itself from a vacuum, Netherworld relies on the unforgiving magnitude and distortion of death metal to create a sonic safari. The great riff sounds like an inspired strand from Death’s seminal album, Sounds of Perseverance. Check out their YouTube video for this song as well, its worth looping for the little hours of the night. The riff selection still doesn’t shake off the thrash soul that they choose to keep. Great song as the cornerstone of the album.

Tell me about touring. Representing India at Wacken must have been surreal. What are your plans for the coming year?

Wacken definitely was a surreal experience. Travelling to one of the biggest metal festivals in the world and playing to a packed house who kept screaming for more was pretty incredible. Our tour the following year across Europe was pretty great as well. Playing 19 cities across 9 countries in 21 days or so is quite an experience. We’re in the middle of our album release India tour.

We want to follow this up with a tour across Europe sometime next year. We’re in talks but want to do this towards the end of next year when things settle down a bit more with the covid situation. Bands are still cancelling tours across Europe so it’s not a good sign. Hopefully things get better soon and we can get back to regular life. 

With some Trivium style riff development, we get into Fluxion. It has a real dynamic sound given the movement for the riffs even during the verses. As usual, the drums are explosive with the fills and rolls that would put a tank to shame. The switching between blast beats and thrash metal grooves is something that Godless owns.

Cormorant defeats all odds of seeing an album slow down pace and rises up with an insane build and crash. Post-Cryogenic combined with Cormorant creates the insane pressure and pace you need to hear this album strap down but still have enough momentum. The riff from Post-Cryogenic is my favorite, with the fret jumps and darker chords that make it a superior track.

Replicant takes the narrators position to deliver some Testament style riffs and song energy. The drums stand out at certain points, making it a comprehensive track with the volatility of a seasoned death metal band.

Is there anything you would like to say to the Indian metal community, about the album or otherwise?

We think we’ve put out our best material till date and have been hearing great things from the people that have heard it so far. In case you haven’t, then do check out the record which is out on all streaming platforms. We’ve also got a bunch of cool merch, CDs and vinyls so if you’d like to support the band, you could pick something up from our store: https://listen.godless.in/statesofchaos

Orbits of Decay has another sick riff to close out the album. Once again assuming their thrash thrones, they sift through this quick paced track with some deft instrumentality and the vocals at their best. Godless have proven themselves yet again after Swarm, a league of their own where they reign supreme.

Listen to their death/thrash euphoric masterpiece here:

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