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Francis Botcherby - Parliament of Wolves
Francis Botcherby - Parliament of Wolves

Francis Botcherby – Parliament of Wolves | Versatile

Francis Botcherby is a Cambridge-based musician. He creates music that has a very classical and acoustic feeling to it. Almost as if he fuses classic rock, contemporary indie, and mild country melodies. He has been creating music for some years now. Having recorded and published an album and a few singles, Francis Botcherby is back with another melodic track in Parliament of Wolves.

This track sounds like Francis added a whole new wave of funk to his general style. I absolutely love the transition from soft, acoustic music to this bass-heavy single. The vocals and lyrics are dark and cold as if Botcherby has crafted a new persona. I really enjoy the phrase that bursts into a crescendo. The track comes with a video that is just as exhilarating.

Every single element fuses into this multi-faceted being in the form of sound. There’s so much to unpack with this track. The bass line is a solid groove that the drums follow in time. The funky guitar work is absolutely fresh and keeps you on your toes. I can’t believe how amazing Francis Botcherby sounds on this track. His voice just jets out through the song as if it’s nobody’s business.

If you really enjoy music with various influences and that is almost rhapsodic, this is the song for you. For more versatility check out Francis Botcherby’s other music. There’s plenty more to enjoy.

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