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Coffee House Anarchists - Separated By The Sea, Pt. 1
Coffee House Anarchists - Separated By The Sea, Pt. 1

Coffee House Anarchists – Separated By The Sea, Pt. 1 | Original and Spacey

Coffee House Anarchists is a mind-blowing trio who will absolutely blow you away. Made up of two brothers from the UK and their French bass player, the band creates incredible contemporary sounds. They recently dropped their latest EP, Separated By The Sea, Pt. 1. Spanning over five tracks and only 12 minutes long, this EP is a joy to listen to.

We begin the EP on Beneath The Willow Tree. It starts off with some foley and a lonely guitar when the haunting vocals chime in. This track is pretty dark and gloomy. The beat kicks in but you still feel the darkness lurking in the background. I find that this track uses the synth really well, filling in the bass depth with this foggy, dark synth. It sounds like a saw, but a lot deeper and it fits so well into the track. Moreover, this track has this indie vibe that seems to experiment with a lot of electronic sampling. I love how each element gets its space and creates space for the next element. Additionally, I think this was the best track to start this album on. It’s a gritty introduction for what is to come.

Moving on to Spanish Ladies. This track sounds like a sea shanty in the beginning, but that seems to be a theme with this track. It sounds like the song a pirate would have sung in look for the titular, Spanish Ladies. I love how the synth pads create this wavering atmosphere while the guitar cuts in so effortlessly to play a melody so sweet. Once you hear this track you’d definitely be swooning over this trio. The pads and distortion create a haze that have you feeling a little disturbed but in a really good artist way.

The third track on this EP, Slow Ships, keeps in line with this dark, hazy, gloomy atmosphere that encapsulates everything around it. It feels like a foggy wave consuming everything in its path. It just blows you over with how airy and dreamy it is. This is the kind of track that fits in every kind of soundtrack. It gives me this really intense Poets of The Fall vibe that I love so much. This track is definitely my favourite off of the EP with everything that goes on in it. Additionally, it sounds a bit like Radiohead which is just another positive for it.

The penultimate track, 3/1/24 is dark and gritty. The track starts off with piano chords, a dark bass beat and lower registered vocals. The electronic sampling in this track is absolutely insane. I could not believe my ears as I was listening to it. There’s so much going on and would probably be a producer’s dream unpacking. I love how full the vocals make me feel as they meet the harmonies. It’s such a great track that goes through various dynamic changes. Additionally, this track is a journey in itself and I definitely recommend headphones for it.

The final track on the EP is Sumer is icumen in (Summer is a coming in). This track is a beautiful acapella masterpiece. I have not heard such great harmonies in a long time. Coffee House Anarchists just blow my mind with every single track of theirs, but this one was absolutely insane. I cannot tell you how great each harmonic voice is and you should probably stream this one the most. Moreover, each voice performs so tightly that it reminds me of The Beach Boys.

Be sure to stream the Separated By The Sea, Pt. 1 EP today!

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