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1 Supernova | Neverafter | Alt Rock | Grunge
1 Supernova | Neverafter | Alt Rock | Grunge

1 Supernova – Neverafter | Headbanging

If someone told me this record was from 1985. Something unearthed from an old metalheads garage with Warlock posters on the wall, I would quite easily believe you. Goddamn, if this singer started a scream in 1985 you could still hear it today! I stand, blown off my feet, in awe with a big goofy smile on my headbanging face.

1 Supernova, with their brand of thrash laced death metal – this time with their debut EP “Undead 1”. This EP sees the band unleash 5 intense and unfaltering tracks that promise to plummel the listener into submission. 1 Supernova have managed to get a uniquely vicious sounding record credited to efficient mixing and mastering.

The album explores the psychological trepidation and terror of phantasmagorias of dreamscapes that are sure to induce nightmares. 1 Supernova has proven to be a force in the metal movement and with their EP “Undead”, the band aims to propel their brand of headbanging punk metal to a wider audience.

‘Fall away’ is a good choice for the first track of the EP. It settles the listener into the bands style of music with crowded arrangements and piercing vocals. This song has a dash of Led Zepellin in some of the guitar riffs and vocal delivery.

‘Undead’ is a heavy and dark track, drenched in wicked sorcerous riffs, ripping solos, epic vocals, and badass, evil growling vocals too. It starts off with brilliant reverberated guitar work that creates the perfect ambience for the banger of a track that is to come.

The third track in the album ‘Lies’ starts off with a slightly less crowded arrangement. It’s a sobering change of tone in the album with vivid vocals that pierce through the mix. The highlight in this track is the guitar work and solo happening at the back of the track!

‘Neverwise’ has brilliant drumming that keeps the listener on their feet. That guitar, right up in the mix, and the slightly more distant vocal in the will take you back to 90s – in a definitive grunge way. 

‘The End’ as the title says is the perfect end to this album. This is superbly energetic and the catchy vocals make it immersive. I can’t help but notice the melodic grooves complimented by the laid-back bright flow.

Blessed with a fine singer and an impressive knack for a hook, 1 Supernova aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel. Their mix of guitar punch, pulsing synths and infectious melodies should work well enough to keep the melodic rock diehards happy. The only caveat I’d add to this is some listeners, who prefer a more organic sound, will find the occasional use of programmed drums and various other bits of synthetic sweetening a step too far, but if you’re not averse to a good tune 1 Supernova’s latest is well worth your time.

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