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Alessandra Boldrini - Never Going Back
Alessandra Boldrini - Never Going Back

Alessandra Boldrini – Never Going Back | Dance-pop

Italian-born, UK based pop artist Alessandra Boldrini just released her newest single and once you listen to it, you are literally Never Going Back. As she moves away from collaborations, the Boldrini is concentrating on her solo career, focusing on the music she wants to make and her own unique sound. Alessandra Boldrini is inspired by artists such as Dua Lipa, Nono, Mabel, and Clean Bandit, saying, “I adore the mood of their songs, the rhythm, the freedom, and how they express themselves through the lyrics.”

Channelling these inspirations and putting her own spin on it, Never Going Back is an upbeat, dance pop single that you wouldn’t want to miss out on. This single is a bright track with dynamic electro plucks, soaring synths and supercharged dance rhythms. Her vocals are both traditional pop meets ballad powerhouse with feminine strength shining through the track. Her sound is a one-of-a-kind production that combines classic house piano with a dance-pop vibe. Never Going Back is sweet and uplifting and is a song to dance away your sorrows to. With dancepop, sometimes the vocals get lost in the production and the music or vice versa. But with Alessandra Boldrini’s Never Going Back, she makes sure to deliver on both grounds, and we are all her for it.

Stemming from a personal encounter, Alessandra Boldrini converts her experience into these bright and positive vibes that you can’t escape. This track is a great addition to the songwriter’s discography and pushes her own limits further. Never Going Back should definitely be an addition to your dance party playlists, as I’ll be sure to include it in mine.

Go groove to Never Going Back, here:

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