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Natalie Nicole Gilbert – Victory (Music Video Mix) | Delicate but Empowering

LA-based Natalie Nicole Gilbert‘s new song, “Victory,” features her breath-taking vocal delivery. With her choice of words and how she handled a delicate circumstance, the song is extremely powerful. Despite the scent of sadness, she chose to stand tall with all her courage and determination.

Natalie Nicole Gilbert comes from a musical family, with a pianist mother who worked with Liberace, a vocalist sister who sang love songs from every era, a rock band brother, and a father who worked for Lockheed Martin as a tech engineer. These influences mix to produce a sometimes raw, sometimes ethereal soundtrack-like blend of pop, soul, and jazz that feels both timeless and modern.

Natalie’s incredible vocal delivery is something to keep an eye out for on the record. As she swells in her dynamical approach to her performance, she sounds honest and genuine, amplifying the impact of her sentiments. The vocals have enough room and clarity for listeners to easily connect.

The songs are primarily played on the piano in terms of arrangement. The string portions increase the mood dramatically, and the sections truly let us experience the emotion right away, affecting our deep core. The moment Natalie hits the high note in the chorus is just stunning. The drums are maintained very authentic and raw, which organically merges with the emotions. The strategy is simple, yet it has a big impact.

Overall, the songwriting would find a place on the listener’s playlist right away. The song’s upbeat tone makes it very motivating for listeners. The music will become more memorable as a result of these deeper personal ties with the listeners.

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