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JP Sunga, STEMS Music – Dirty Water | Aspire

Waterloo-based singer-songwriter JP Sunga recently released an emotional song along with STEMS Music called ‘Dirty Water’. The track features an interesting blend of acoustic and electronic instruments that create an atmosphere of hope and optimism. It’s about letting go of the things that pull you down and how important it is to grow stronger. JP Sunga’s conveys this message beautifully with his powerful voice and intricate lyricism on this track.

‘Dirty Water’ opens with a playful synth arpeggio and drums, while Sunga’s vocals are accompanied by a soft piano and a smooth acoustic guitar melody. The instruments complement one another excellently and form a very full sound – quite energetic and engaging. Sunga sings a melancholic tune about the different waves of life through his expressive lyrics and confident voice – a very motivating tune!

– “The crashing tide / Leaves nothing / Nothing else behind / Through right or wrong / Lies meaning / A reason for it all

With its catchy and exciting choruses, this is one track you’ll have a hard time getting out of your head! In addition to its upbeat rhythms, ‘Dirty Water’ also has a gospel-like bridge section that features lush harmonies and rich choruses. I particularly enjoyed listening to the smooth and effective transitions between the verses – further emphasises the mellow outro section.

JP Sunga’s experience as a songwriter is quite evident in this track. He has been putting out music since 2002 and has come a long way since. With his debut album in the works, Sunga is preparing to share a lot more amazing music in the future and I’m sure his fans are eager to hear more from him soon!

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