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Cherry Dream - Broken Dream-Land
Cherry Dream - Broken Dream-Land

Cherry Dream – Broken Dream-Land | Grittily Comforting

Cherry Dream is a London-based musician with a very strong audio-visual image as well as a personal sonic genre-blended style within Pop music. Having begun releasing tracks in 2020, she has made her way through the scene. Cherry released a load of singles before finally giving us an EP. Broken Dream-Land has 5 tracks and a runtime of a little over 16 minutes. It’s perfect to just kill some time on the bus or something.

We start the EP off on Queen of Bad Decisions / Madness. This track is dark and gritty. It talks about bad decisions and how they keep us up at night. The beat has this heavy electro feeling to it that sounds almost metallic. It adds an interesting texture to the already hostile atmosphere. Cherry Dream keeps your attention with her strong vocals cutting through the mix. The song is so well-produced. I love how every single element fits perfectly into their spaces. Additionally, the experimental work is insanely well-done.

The next track, Take Me Home reminds me of Avril Lavigne for some reason. I really enjoy the darkness in the atmosphere. It feels like the artist keeps you stimulated at every moment throughout the track. The track is so immersive that you lose yourself to it the second you put headphones on. Cherry Dream reminds me of other strong personalities such as Madonna and Lady Gaga. Take Me Home has a very interesting theme that tackles loneliness and is pretty honest about it.

Van Gogh Skies was initially released as a single, but it absolutely belongs on the EP. With a Gorillaz kind of intro, the song gets progressively more intense. Cherry’s vocals clearly stand out as this entity above all. However, I do wish they were pumped up a little more. The instrumental is extremely heavy and has a lot going on with it, but it’s this comfortable chaos that artists like Jack Stauber thrive on.

Moving on to Ripped Apart. This track starts off more light and melancholic than the other tracks. It sounds like Cherry Dream is staying true to her sound while also flaunting additional skills. This track seems to slow things down, but also bring in other genres. I love the electronica work on the vocals – they accentuate Cherry’s voice. The Drum & Bass really stand out in this track. This is the kind of track you’d want a huge subwoofer for to blow you away.

We Are The Kids (Your Parents Warned You About) is the final track on the Broken Dream-Land EP. This track reminds me of the 90s pop scene when everything was in line with the Grunge era. This track does it all. The Drum & Bass is insane, while the synth pads sound absolutely phenomenal. Cherry Dream has the voice of a pop goddess. There’s so much strength in her voice that really stands out. Moreover, her lyrics come from an intimate place that really touches her listeners.

This EP is definitely for all you fans of alternative pop. Don’t just take my word for it, go check it out!

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