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Camila Knight – Brave | Motivate

Singer-songwriter Camila Knight doesn’t prefer sticking to one particular genre when it comes to creating music. Inspired by a variety of artists such as Radiohead, Ella Fitzgerald, Björk and AURORA, she shares some of her stories and heartfelt experiences through a diverse mix of sounds in her songs. Her latest release Brave is a motivational anthem that showcases the artist’s unique composition style.

The track begins with bright melodies and dreamy atmospheres along with Camila’s soothing and melancholic vocals. As the chorus kicks in, the songs into a more electronic space with its strong electronic beats and hard basses. She shares a message about the importance of getting stronger and gaining courage. Her confident vocal tone further emphasises the motivational lyrics. Camila is known for breaking her silence through music, and she has done exactly that on this track.

‘Brave’ has a few dynamic transitions and satisfying drops, which makes it a great track for your casual listening playlist as well as one that you could dance to. It seems as though there are two separate songs with similar melodies, but Camila’s empowering lyrics showcase both feelings of becoming brave ­– conquering fear and gaining confidence. The electronically-enhanced acoustic song isn’t too cluttered with instruments and yet sound full thanks to a great mix. A unique track with an intriguing vibe.

Music is Camila’s way of healing. She uses it to express her emotions and create music that means something. She has now released four singles since 2020 and I’m sure her fans are eager to hear more exciting music soon!

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