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Arliston - Mountaineer
Arliston - Mountaineer

Arliston – Mountaineer | Emotive/Soothing

With their second single of the year, Arliston is back with their immaculate music. Titled Mountaineer, this single is a harmonic piece with hums that will literally transport you. Arliston consists of the trio, Jordi, Jack and George. Based in London, Arliston combines vocals, synths, guitars, percussion, and pretty much whatever else they can get their hands on, creating richly layered music to accompany any reflective moment. Music that is both optimistic and melancholy at the same time. 

The piano ballad, which combines dainty calming vocals that transition into a swelling production of electric drum pads, ear-worming synths, and stirring beats, will have us all staring out of a train window into the abyss — plunging us into our feelings. Talking about the inspiration behind the song, the trio mentions “Mountaineer was one of those rare little gems where everything just fell into place quickly,” the band says of the motivation for the song. There was very little re-recording or fretting over parts. Being in a state of flow and just ‘doing’ rather than overthinking was such a beautiful experience. We’re thrilled with the outcome. This song is about facing the moment, about making the decision to save yourself by letting someone go, and about the remorse you feel for doing so.”

The piano ballad is an exploration of honesty and letting go. The octave vocals sweep you away and really build on the music to return to the falsetto it started with. The song returns to the lyric “I cut the ropes like a climber,” and you can sense the emotion in Jack’s tonality.

Mountaineer offers a peek into the numerous levels of explorations within a genre this group can conduct, and it’s more than stunning. It shows glimpses of The National, Big Red Machine, Damien Rice and Hozier. It also represents their boundless potential as a squad and makes them a trio to keep your ears on.

Don’t miss out on this beauty.

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