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Hunter Blair Ambrose - Scorpio Season
Hunter Blair Ambrose - Scorpio Season

Hunter Blair Ambrose – Scorpio Season | Emotional Wringer

Hunter Blair Ambrose is a Pop/R&B artist based in New York City. Having been born and raised in New York, Hunter has been heavily influenced by the art scene – specifically 2010s alternative R&B, Synth-Pop, Chilling Toronto Hip Hop, and 1980s Bombastic melodies. Her latest album, Scorpio Season has a run time of just over 55 minutes. With a whopping 17-track setlist, Hunter has really put in the work.

Kicking it off with Baby Goodbye, the album starts on a very synth and pad heavy intro. Hunter Blair Ambrose has a specific sound that stands out with her powerful vocals cutting through the mic. I love how dance-pop-centric this song is. The ambience and timbre give you a club kind of vibe and is perfect for when you’re in the mood to just let loose. We see a similar formula in the following two tracks, Not Enough and Goodbye (4 Now). These tracks start off very mellow, but once the beat sets in and you hit the chorus, you have a more club-like sound. However, Goodbye (4 Now) does break the cycle a bit. The track is a more sentimental take on Hunter’s sound.

By now we’ve kind of touched the intimate factor in Hunter’s work. However, Skin Deep seems to take a darker turn with insecurities rising. The track seems to keep the drums going heavy, and show a different shade of Hunter Blair Ambrose. We see something similar in Right Now, with Hunter taking a strong lead vocal role in the track. The instrumental kind of takes a backseat and builds in the background. When we hit the chorus, the song kicks into a club mix of sorts. Moving on to November, we have a track that, again, has a mellow intro. Once we hear Hunter’s vocals come in, the synth and drums seem to drive the track forward.

Another track that I absolutely dig off the album is the titular, Scorpio Season. This song seems to push Hunter Blair Ambrose and her limits. The beat is somewhat more experimental, giving Hunter more space to work around. I’d definitely suggest this track for the sad hours. It is empowering in some ways, uplifting in others. I find that this song reminds me of early Rihanna.

Anxious has an opposing effect. You can actually feel the insecurity and anxiety seeping through the track. Hunter shows excellent skill in her songwriting for being able to draw contrasting tones so easily. This track has got a similar vibe to Scorpio Season, but I feel like it could go off into a similar tangent as 26(teen). This has an underlying sense of uncertainty and anxiety. However, there’s a good balance throughout the track. Hunter Blair Ambrose has a flair for hitting her audience right in the emotions. The entire album has been a rollercoaster of emotional experiences.

The final track on the album, I Get Lonely, seems to lift you from this emotional cesspool that you’ve found yourself in. It seems to empower you, while at the same time dealing with the anxiety and fear. It’s inspirational to say in the least. This entire album has been an emotional ride that seems to find some clarity towards the end.

Overall, the album takes you through the wringer. There’s no two ways about it and, Hunter Blair Ambrose does such an amazing job in doing so. I can’t believe how amazing this entire project has come out. If you have an hour to kill, this album will definitely be an experience for you!

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