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Grey Tower Heights-I Don't Know Your Name
Grey Tower Heights-I Don't Know Your Name
Grey Tower Heights-I Don't Know Your Name

Grey Tower Heights-I Don’t Know Your Name | Drear Diary

Inspired by a Shakespearean motive to tell stories, Grey Tower Heights make their Spotify debut with a new single. It is called I Don’t Know Your Name, and is a Black Swan style climax tale with minimal instruments and a sinister backdrop. Drawing inspiration from the Victorian era of dark sounds, the track is a melancholy musing that is a must listen.

Carefully brought from the past in an air tight container, this one is perfect for the plays. Etched for the enigma of theater, Grey Tower Heights completely immerse themselves in the dark undertones of this track. From Hamlet to more recent Broadway musicals, it fits the frame more often than not. Using the playful lightness of the piano with some strings, the muffled sound is what makes this perfect for an in-castle drama.

Inscrutable vocals aid to the desire effect as well. With the depraved happiness of an immoral soul, the vocalist proceeds to shape the rest of the song from the moment she enters. The percussion can barely be heard but is sufficient, to pump in a cloud of uncertainty. I enjoyed the song a lot, but would suggest a little bit of work on the balance that seems to be off, mostly due to the effect.

Just the song if you’re alone at home and saw a figure slinking around in the shadows. Listen to I Don’t Know Your Name here:

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