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The Confederation – That’s Where You’ll Find Me | Funky Soul Pop

The modern world is constantly getting worse as the days go by. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to fire up your very own time machine and disappear to some other time and place? It’s not that I’m naïve enough to expect things to be all love and light wherever I go, but ‘a change is as good as a rest’, they say. So, while I take my time to invent my version of a flux capacitor, I’ll let The Confederation magically transport me back to the classic pop sounds of the sixties/seventies via this single that luxuriates in the sweet summery sound of the yesteryear. “That’s where you’ll find me” should put a smile on the face of those looking for a little pick me up!

Times and fashions might change, but one thing endures: a good pop hook. The Confederation with their take on pop soul, are dedicated to crafting the perfect choruses that etch themselves into our minds for years to come.

“We are a broad church bringing unique sonic tones, textures and crossing over genres.” – The Confederation

The Confederation deliver their take on this genre perfectly via beautifully produced pop soul creations overflowing with gorgeous vocal harmonies; sweeping strings, tasteful horn inflections and joyous keyboard textures.

Picking highlights when the material is this good and special moments are plentiful, is pretty much impossible. The first breakdown as the vocals come to the fore, begins to etch the hook into your mind. Right when you think there cant be more to this track, the perfect combination of drums, sweeping strings and the introduction of some really tasteful brass makes “That’s where you’ll find me” a bouncy, singalong pop funk masterclass!

Listen to “Thats where youll find me” by The Confederation

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