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Lara Snow-Wild Sea (Stripped Version)
Lara Snow-Wild Sea (Stripped Version)
Lara Snow-Wild Sea (Stripped Version)

Lara Snow-Wild Sea (Stripped Version) | Unadulterated

Lara Snow is a prolific singer-songwriter who is a seamstress for emotional fabric that is threaded with musicality. Her songs are poetry and are built personally, with struggles and consequences of the real world. Her EP Delete Forever featured beautiful songs perfected with a deep cut into her life, intimate and unpolished. Wild Sea’s stripped version is here for us to listen to, and it is her best writing performed from her heart.

The simple, commonly heard chord structure has a different impact now. Not muddled by the beats or accompaniments, the piano version does a different kind of justice to this song. Painted by a different brush, another artist almost. Her unaltered voice impacts with a new depth, seen in Adele’s vocal performances as well. The harmonies with choir effect emphasize the words that matter most.

This can be considered as a personal ode of sorts. Lara Snow is celebrating herself, her flaws and the song sinks in differently now. Drawing parallels to a musical, this moment is that of reckoning, a stare in the mirror of sorts. Is it better than the original production? For me, definitely it is. It has nothing to draw away your attention. If you were at the shore, you’re truly staring at the wild sea now.

Listen to her beautiful alternate version of the song here:

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