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Bar Dog-For Old Times' Sake
Bar Dog-For Old Times' Sake
Bar Dog-For Old Times' Sake

Bar Dog-For Old Times’ Sake | Renegade Rhyme

Bar Dog is not a singer-songwriter. He isn’t a musician also. He is the essence of what hundreds of musicians have pursued for decades to get a glimpse of. Bar Dog has a gift of gliding through his passion like the embodiment of something pure. His single For Old Times’ Sake stirred up a lot of feelings in me, with his masterful songwriting and performance.

I remember listening to The Man Who Couldn’t Cry from Johnny Cash’s 1994 album, American Recordings. I had heard it as an isolated single on a tape, and was mesmerized by his voice. I would listen to him cover NIN’s hit song Hurt later, and it was a whole new side. I could hear Johnny Cash’s mortality. This was him bidding adieu.

Bar Dog reminded me of that moment instantly. This song too, relies on just the songwriter singing through a microphone. A simple accompanying instrument, with few simple chords. Everything else, coming right from the heart. With his signature baritone voice, Bar Dog is the star of the underground music scene in Berlin. Where the disco lights shine bright, but an indie artist glows with a blinding halo.

His 2019 EP Winds And Home alone is enough to convince anyone that he is an artist true to his work. His other single from earlier this year, Don’t Fall from Grace is another song with the Midas touch. These are musings of a poet, a storyteller with gravitas.

Listen to his single to hear for yourself:

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