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The Infinite Daisy Chains – Between You and Me | Love and Lucid Dreams

Synth-pop, alternative/indie duo, The Infinite Daisy Chains takes you on a euphoric journey through ethereal landscapes and lush instrumentation with their debut EP ‘Between You and Me’. Formed by artists Ian Dandridge and Kristina Westernik-Dandridge, the duo focuses on fusing bedroom pop and downtempo in their signature style that showcases a colourful blend of synthesizers, drums and live instruments.

Between You and Me EP Tracklist

The six-track EP begins with a melancholic, dreamy track titled, Elevation. Kristina’s reverb-drenched vocals come in after an acoustic guitar melody doubled on keys and a hard drum beat. The Infinite Daisy Chains look at their time together and explore the journey of their relationship through their music. Hopeful lyrics paired with attractive melodies make this a top-notch production! – “Side by side we’ll leave it all behind, pack our bags and get ready to fly / I look in your eyes and time moves slow, still, the world keeps spinning below…

A calming synth arpeggio introduces Hope You Grow, creating a meditative space that seems otherworldly, as most of the duo’s tracks usually do. Soft drum beats accompany the delicate, hypnotic vocals in the initial verse beautifully and seamlessly transition into the captivating chorus. Featuring subtle guitar melodies, and rich harmonies, the track has an intriguing chord progression that will keep you wanting more throughout!

Kristina’s vocals are an absolute pleasure to listen to! Her soothing vocal tone and smooth delivery on Breathe emphasize the title of the track and her voice floats over the lush soundscapes beautifully. Mainly driven by a strong bassline, the track also features the duo’s favourite synthesizers and guitars, along with powerful drum machine progressions.

Bottle It Up begins with a bang! – Harsh, distorted synth melodies glide behind the processed vocals over a strong drumbeat in the verses, creating a lot of tension for the choruses. Additionally, an instrumental brass section with guitars carries the song’s energetic outro section that keeps growing, incorporating a plethora of instruments that play with one another excellently!

The hints of psychedelia on these songs further enhance the spacey, mystical sonic space this EP has. On Paper Tigers, the artists create a futuristic world through vibrant synth arpeggios and emotive melodies. In addition, the instrumental section towards the end fully captures the essence of this album – love and lucid dreaming, an absorbing world of wonder and intrigue.

‘Between You and Me’ takes our leave with a melodic dance track titled Sunbeams. Aptly named, the melodies and lyrics of the song create a landscape of orange painted skies, a space where one can wind down and let go of all their worries. Wide synths float over deep and punchy basses and support the coloured vocals excellently. An upbeat end to a truly captivating EP.


‘Between You and Me’ exhibits The Infinite Daisy Chain’s creative mix of sounds from different genres in a very special way. The EP reflects their love of creating music and their relationship as well, and it’s that emotion that makes their songs very engaging. These six tracks showcase a diverse mix of sounds, yet they all have a certain signature tone that relates to the duo’s sonic palette. When you’re in the mood for something heartwarming and ethereal at the same time, let this EP take you on a trip into space, you won’t regret it!

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