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Rocky Rose – Let’s Ride | Gripping

From the opening beat of Rocky Rose‘s new song “Let’s Ride“, the tone is set. The song’s mode is characterised by the key throbbing riffs. Strong vocal melody and outstanding fillers with numerous rhythmic layers come together in an incredibly unique way to maintain a strong vibe throughout. With such a beautiful rhythm pattern, the bass line truly complements the music. The words are a lot of fun and have a swank vibe to them. The way the vocals are delivered perfectly reflects the attitude of the track. The atmosphere is lighthearted, and there is a lot of enthusiasm in the air. I think my favourite part of the song is when the melody swells into the guitar solo. The tone of the guitar, as well as the effects applied to the layer, are both impressive and engaging.

The percussions play an important role in the arrangement’s overall movement. The way the voice is released when performing the song is fantastic, resulting in such clarity in voices despite the song’s hectic character. The music is given enough room to allow you to gasp along with it as it continues. Until the very final second, the tune is captivating and grippingly fantastic. The improvisation at the conclusion amplifies the song’s vigour to its maximum potential. The arrangement has been given a lot of consideration, and I am confident that the listeners as a whole will enjoy the attention to detail and will listen to the song frequently.

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