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Psykobreak! – Sting | Psycho

Santa Cruz, Calfornia based concept band, Psykobreak! are out with their third single since 2018 titled, ‘Sting’. Inspired by a variety of artists and genres, the group creates music that has a little bit of everything. May sound bizarre at first, but their theatrical performances all tie up in this EDM-fusion track that features aggressive melodies and fancy transitions.

A simple, dark melody begins the track and accompanies the assertive vocal line. Driven by a synth bass primarily, the song keeps evolving as it progresses, showcasing hip-hop verses and subtle drops by the different singers in the group – Riley Buffington, Eliza Costello, Char Corcoran, Liz Theadorakos and Corey Nejati.

  • Q – ‘Sting’ features an array of interesting sounds that make it a very interesting and engaging listen. What inspired you to write this track and how did it come about?

  • We were inspired by the sounds of 90s and early 2000s hip-hop, dubstep, pop, industrial rock and trap for this track. It’s built out of various verses and beats that were written over the past couple years; it’s a Frankenstein’s monster sort of thing.

The song moves into a more dubstep/trap sound in the second half, with heavy beats and growling synths. In addition, the haunting melodies create a very dark space – perfect for the genre and sound Psykobreak! is going for! It’s interesting how each of the performers on this song shares their lyrics from a different perspective, yet they all blend together and are supported by the same instrumentation for the most part.

  • Q – You’ve mentioned that Psykobreak! is an idol group in you bio. Could you share with our readers what and ‘idol’ group is and was it formed?
  • BTS, One Direction, BlackPink, *NSYNC etc. would be considered idol groups. They’re groups of young performers manufactured by labels to make money. Each member generally has a signature look and personality. The idols are meant to epitomize perfection and the latest trends. The idols of Psykobreak! are original characters; twisted versions of this idea. They may look nice on the outside (they’re living dolls manufactured in a lab), but on the inside they’re… well… psycho.
  • Q – There is a diverse mix of vocals on this track. What singers/artists do you look up to, and how have they shaped your music creation process?
  • We’re really into the rhythm and flow of Notorious B.I.G and Snoop Dogg, but we also like Britney Spears and Panic! at the Disco. You don’t generally hear these kinds of voices on the same song, so that’s why we did it. Didn’t expect that combo? Good. 

As part of the band’s collaboration with the production company Knocking Ghost, the characters of Psykobreak! will star in a horror/sci-fi/comedy web series – quite suitable for the sound they were going for in this song if you ask me! Their unique production style paired with just the right amount of aggression and candidness, make them a group to look out for in the future, so stay tuned!

  • Q – If you had the chance to collaborate with any artist in the world on a remix version of ‘Sting’, who would it be and why?
  •  Skrillex, hands down. He’d kill it. We’re all about EDM.
  • Q – What more can we expect from Psykobreak! in the future? I’m sure the fans are eager to know!
  •  ‘Sting’ is the first in a series of singles we’re putting out in preparation for a web-series we’ve been working on. It’s a never-before seen mix of music and sci-if/horror/comedy. Keep a lookout for these releases! 

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