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Newton Faulkner – Winter Wonderland | Snow

Come winter, and one is immediately taken to the land of jingling bells, energetic carols and whatnot. In their latest single titled “Winter Wonderland”, Nathan Faulkner bring that very spirit to the ears of the listener. The song oozes the festive spirit, and sounds right at home in a Christmas setting.

The song starts out with a very soothing intro with soft guitar and jingling bells, as Newton and the guest vocalist Nati Dreddd take turns singing a very catchy, yet easygoing melody that sings of snow, a wonderland in winter (to which the song perhaps owes its name), and sweet bells.

The ensemble sounds perfect for the vibe that’s being put across, and it makes for a very singable and rememberable listening experience. There seems to be something in the song that caters to everybody– from the unassuming Joe that wants to just sing along and have a good time, to the most discerning of listeners; there is a surprisingly good amount of depth in the mix that lends its aura of professionalism to the approach taken here.

To write an interesting song about something as oft-written as the winter and the snow is in itself a challenge; and here, it has been tackled beautifully. The song does not forget its roots in festive music but doesn’t fail to bring new elements to the table on a regular basis.

There is an element of fluidity distinctly audible through the track, and it does a rather great job at carrying the momentum of the song forward beautifully. Overall, ‘Winter Wonderland’ by Newton Faulkner makes for a great addition to your playlists this festive season! Check out the track here-

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