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The Vanities-2001 | Electronic Rock

When one talks about a high-energy rock album that preserves some elements of rock of days gone while blending theme with modern production techniques like synths and creative mixing, there are few albums that truly stand out. In an attempt to set their name in stone, Cardiff-based band, “The Vanities” return from a self-imposed exile with the release of their latest opus, “2001”.

Carrying energy in full fashion with a series of catchy and well-written riffs and well-curated orchestration, ‘2001’ is quite the listen. Quite literally dropping the bomb on the first single, the number gives the listener a perspective of the characteristic sound of the album and keeps the listener intrigued as to what may come as the album progresses.

There is some ‘Love In The News’ as one moves on from the intro track into the second, aptly titled so. A bit of a more emotive-yet-happy presentation, Love In The News leaves no stones unturned with respect to creative instrument choices, a vocalist that’s both diverse and musically pleasing to listen to– segueing perfectly into the third song of the album titled “The Ballad of Orla John” that takes the listener through a nice journey, best enjoyed late at night with no one but your thoughts to yourself.

The change in direction one cannot help but feel with respect to “Addicted” is tangible. While in keeping with the other songs on the album, it presents a rather unique view of rock and electronic production techniques in general. Being the last song before the interlude, “Addicted” is a safe number to immediately transport the listener to a world of comfort and happiness.

The song, “Animal”, being the first song after the interlude, takes a whole new approach with a synth-heavy, progressive sound that keeps the listener hitting the rewind button over and over again. There is power in the whole album and in the way it has been presented. The mix is clear and is laden with subtle but significant mixing easter eggs that pop up throughout the album in places.

In conclusion, there have been a lot of new elements brought into ‘2001’ that make the album an overall very enjoyable listen. Check it out on the 26th of November 2021, when it releases!

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