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Lonely Boy - Lonely Ppl Vol. 1
Lonely Boy - Lonely Ppl Vol. 1

Lonely Boy – Lonely Ppl Vol. 1 | Breakout Star

Lonely Boy is a Canadian-based RnB artist looking to make his way onto the music scene. Crafting well-thought-out beats and has gathered a cult following across Canada. His music has been described as emotive, tasteful and sensitive. I, wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. Lonely Boy has described his first project as LONELY PPL as the journey filled with trials and tribulations and the human experience that comes with heartbreak. Lonely Ppl Vol. 1 is just the beginning of a three-part project set to release in the near future. Having released a bunch of tracks on Soundcloud, Lonely Boy has upped his game for this first project, by releasing Lonely Ppl Vol 1. on major streaming platforms.

Lonely Ppl Vol. 1 consists of only 3 tracks that begin this trilogy. We begin with October. This track makes use of a telephone ringing and going to voicemail, which begins the track on a really sad note. This is a really interesting take on the RnB formula, keeping the narrative exposition going on for nearly half the track. I really appreciate how Lonely Boy is able to switch to his melody so fluidically. With a voice as smooth as butter, he could probably rival Kid Cudi and Chris Brown for their melodious vocals. The instrumental and beat just complement his vocals so well, making me back to some good old 2000s RnB.

Moving on to Only One Night, we have a track that starts off mellow, again. This time, the vocals come in a lot earlier, but they come into a hauntingly silent atmosphere. With just a single bass note and, what sounds like a siren to start the song off, The minute, Lonely Boy’s vocals come in with the hats, you start to feel things pick up. There’s so much emotion and sensitivity in his voice and lyrics. You can’t help but feel those emotions! The beat comes in hard once we hit the chorus, giving the song some much-needed depth. Additionally, the song has a very intimate feeling to it which is accentuated by the lyrics.

Eventually, we make our way to Sussex Drive, a track that starts off with the right idea and just runs with it. I love the layered vocals on this track. The beat, however, really takes it on Sussex Drive. The drums are minimalistic, but the other percussions and background sounds really stand out. I think this track really did justice to the beat and is possibly my favourite from the EP. Lonely Boy’s vocals are just out of this world. His lyrics will drive you mad with his ability to deliver those lines.

Lonely Boy has this distinct ability that few artists before him have – being able to soothe his listeners with his vocal harmonies. I swear, artists like Kid Cudi, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo and Ne-Yo have this exact quality. Moreover, it really sets them apart from the other artists they face in the RnB industry.

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