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Gedalya – If I Were Superman | Easy-listening

The first step to making your dreams a reality is to imagine yourself having achieved them. With his 2018 song, ‘If I Were Superman,’ NYC-based singer-songwriter Gedalya explores this theme through light-hearted and relatable lyrics that share with the listener his inner desire to do something great in life. In 1991, shortly after moving to The Big Apple, the artist wrote the song at the start of his career.

Gedalya’s music is known for its simplicity and directness, exploring themes that anyone could easily connect with. This single shares the hopes and desires of an artist who has recently moved to the big city, and has a lot of obstacles to overcome. The optimistic lyricism is supported by a soothing piano melody and a simple drum progression. Gedalya’s raw vocals suit the theme of the song excellently. Quite natural and emotive in his delivery, he knows how to share a story that touches one’s heart. – “If I were a builder I’d build forever If I were a painter I’d paint the day If I were a millionaire I’d buy whatever caught my eye If I were Superman, I’d fly…

Also known as The Folk Rock Rabbi in some circles, Gedalya has a knack for composing infectious melodies that stick to you. His apparent modesty and honesty in the lyrics to ‘If I Were Superman’ is intended to evoke a sense of confidence and strength in listeners of all generations so everyone can stick together and live in harmony. It is no secret that everyone faces hardships, Gedalya ensures that people can relate to him and I think that’s what makes his music special. – “…but I’m just a kid from Brooklyn, trying to keep my dreams alive

Don’t have a lot of money, but I always seem to get by.

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