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Death By Tapioca
Death By Tapioca

Death By Tapioca – Take It There | Next-level Lovin’

Take It There is the latest release from Death By Tapioca, and the RnB song details the singer’s obsession with a woman who might just be perfect. He wants to spend more time with this fascinating person, take her everywhere, and show her a good time. With a smooth flow on perfectly looped beats, the song is a head-bobber. Further, the artist is known for his lighthearted, self-loving style, and that’s how Take It There makes you feel. His wide influences range from thoughtful rap to K-pop. Combining these, Take It There has a perfectly poppy beat and rhythm, and the fun but respectful, non-toxic lyrics just make it that much more pleasant. 

Death By Tapioca is the stage name of Canadian musician Alborz Mohtashami. His brand is refreshingly positive music that is focused on an east-meets-west sensibility. Born to imigrant parents, the RnB-pop artist discovered songwriting as a an outlet for his anger and confused emotions after the political impact of 9/11 on his community. While the track Take It There isn’t as politically charged and in-your face as the artist’s other music, it stands for the artist’s sonic style. To conclude, I highly recommend exploring more from the artist since he has a whole to offer!

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