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Blonde Diamond – Red Flags | Inner Strength

Vancouver-based alternative-pop band Blonde Diamond expresses their concern for speaking out about abusive relationships on their new single, ‘Red Flags’. With powerful lyricism from singer Alexis Young, this song focuses on how important it is to put yourself first so you can grow stronger. Accompanied by hard hitting rhythms and rich synth-pop melodies, ‘Red Flags’ is one of those powerful tracks that captures your attention after just one listen!

The just over three-minute long track beings with Alexis’ soft vocals over subtle yet dreamy instrumentation. A strong bassline melody carries the initial verse till the electric guitars kick in and a sense of aggression gets introduced. – “I’m not the one that you claim to know / Sitting pretty with the perfect pose / It’s not right, you’ve been on my mind / I wanna run away but just not tonight.”

The band shares the story of the victim right from the beginning – when abuse is about to begin, and the victim is terrified, until they becomes someone who can no longer allow the feeling to continue, and truly understands the perils of such domestic violence. With bold melodies and powerful vocals, there’s a certain sense of frustration that seems to get released in the chorus and the catchy hook-line does that feeling justice.

Best known for their tracks ‘Better When You’re Close’ and ‘Alone With You’, Blonde Diamond puts their own spin on the pop genre by incorporating elements of EDM, Hip-Hop and Rock in their music. ‘Red Flags’ is a glimpse into their upcoming 2022 album and I’m sure the fans are eager to hear more from the band soon!

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