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St. Wave - MOMA
St. Wave - MOMA

St. Wave – MOMA | vapourwave

New York based rapper and artist St. Wave released his fifth single of the year titled, MOMA. He embodies the essence of our millennial generation. An artist who treads a familiar line of obligation: the pressures of being a first-generation immigrant. St. Wave was a lifelong learner who earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Hartford. Along the way, he discovered his love of music. He promised that his music will garner 31,492,753 streams since his enlightenment in order to pay off his Sallie Mae education loans. 

With syncopated beats and rhymes, St. Wave really pushes boundaries with this track. The MOMA acts as a metaphor in the rap for art and beauty. The production and arrangement involves multiple layers of a MIDI -synthesized melody that intersects with the beat of the track. The music in the background has strong lofi-jazz vibes. St. Wave also experiments with the vocals, that phase in and out of what sounds like autotune. This really emphasizes the vapourwave vibe he goes for.

St. Wave creates confrontational music veiled under coded poetry to engage the listener while still giving a “peacefully cool atmosphere,” thanks to his love of science fiction, retro aesthetics, and his upbringing in the gorgeous NY suburbs. He mentions his inspirations as Kid Cudi, Mac Miller and Kanye West, and we can see these inspirations feature in his music.

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