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Phil Dutra - It's Not Enougn, (Falling for your Love)
Phil Dutra - It's Not Enougn, (Falling for your Love)

Phil Dutra – It’s Not Enough (Falling for Your Love) | Retropop

His first single since 2018, Phil Dutra is back with a bang! The Austin -Texas based artist spent all his life struggling with anxiety, but now uses it to compose and create beautiful retro-pop songs which will steal your hearts. The song heavily features an acoustic guitar sound, which is accompanied by Dutra’s vocals. If you’ve ever heard someone say, “they don’t make music they used to.” remember to stream, It’s Not Enough (Falling for Your Love) for them.

This song is a love ballad which along with the beautiful vocals and guitar instrumentals features some country-pop influences. His illustrious career has led him near and far learning how to play Soul, Country, Folk and Southern Rock. A few of these influences like Soul and Country are seen in this song. It’s Not Enough (Falling for your Love) is an amalgamation of these vibes, which makes it the perfect retro pop song.

Having a music career that spans the last several decades, Phil Dutra is now making waves with his solo work. He’s written some of the most memorable Retro-Pop songs in recent years. Phil’s EP “Right Behind The Rain” has received great response. At the TAXI Road Rally in Hollywood, California, his song “She Walks Away” won the National Michael Lloyd song contest. The song “Right Behind The Rain” by Phil was featured in the Warner Brothers Romantic Comedy “Something Borrowed,” which starred Kate Hudson, John Krasinski, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Colin Egglesfield.

It’s Not Enough (Falling for your Love) by Phil Dutra reminds me of REM, The Bellamy Brothers and Lobo. This is definitely a song that will send you down memory lane while also letting you feel all the love in the world. And what can be better that that?

Go stream It’s Not Enough (Falling for your Love) by Phil Dutra, here.

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