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Janelle Sy’mone - All Night
Janelle Sy’mone - All Night

Janelle Sy’mone – All Night | Lucky dude

All Night is the latest track from Janelle Sy’mone, and the first single from her upcoming album Good Girl TV. While this is the start of a chapter for her, the musician is an award-winning singer-songwriter.   An RnB song with groovy beats, All Night leverages a contemporary synth at the start to get listeners’ ears perking up. Janelle’s vocals on the verse are refreshing — a deep feminine voice with incredible range. The song has a late-disco-era energy, and it is only natural that you start moving with the beats.

A former youth choir singer, Janelle has vocals to wow for a lifetime. Being a former actor, she knows the value of a strategic approach. With a smart plan for success and killer music, she is on her way to establishing the solo RnB brand that is her act. Being from the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia with its unparalleled cultural significance, this performer roars when she is on stage. Her music video has been garnering accolades for the same charisma. Her dance moves and tones are gripping and full of energy. With bewitching vocals and fresh-fever beats, the artist delivers the funk-soul energy that gets people hooked right away. And then her honest themes allow anyone can connect with the music, and express themselves!

In Conversation with Janelle Sy’mone

Ques. What is the greatest thing that Atlanta has offered you and your music?

Atlanta has offered my music—culture. The kind of music that I love to write, consume and perform has a direct correlation to the culture I was raised in. Atlanta is R&B and funk; Atlanta is soul, because the people there are soulful.  The best music I’ve heard has been the musical score to some of the most pivotal moments in my life. And there  wouldn’t be a Janelle Sy’mone without Atlanta and its colorful and  musical culture influencing me and my sound.

About All Night

Ques. The song All Night is an energetic blend of funk, soul, and RnB. What are your influences and what kind of music are you looking to create?

Two words—Anita. Baker. Two more words….Jill. Scott. There’s a very  long list of beautifully talented women who I’ve carved and shaped my sound from. Toni Braxton, Ledisi, Chaka Khan, Nina Simone, Janet Jackson, Beyoncé—these women are my heroes. 
The kind of music I want to make is undeniable-feel-good-all-over kind of music. The landscape of R&B is changing and there’s a lot of heartbreak songs, which is the blues, but I want to be of the Rhythm than the blues. I want my music to be the thing that gets you moving and dancing and loving again. 

Ques. A steamy, steamy number — how did you come up with All Night?

I’d like to think that I work with one of the best producers in the world , “Jay-J the Producer”, and one day I sent him a little audio recording on my phone of me just playing around with the melody of this song about a discreet love affair. In about a few weeks , he had a pretty good framework of what he wanted the  instruments to sound like. It was very reminiscent of late 80’s and early 90’s pop. After the song was almost complete, we decided to take it to another level. We thought, “ Hey…if we’re gonna  really do this 80’s sound ,let’s really go big!”, so we added a space for a  talk box provided  by the incredible and undeniable talent, Byron “Mr.Talkbox” Chambers. It rounded out the sound and made it bigger and better. Both of them are truly masterful at what they do.

All that’s next

Ques. You’ve got an album coming out, so let’s talk about that. What should we expect from you?

Yes! “Good Girl TV”. Still coming up with a date of release, but I’ve had years to plan and construct my sound and the story I want to tell with my art,  and what better way than the medium we all use to consume all media—the T.V! It’s a portal to any story, any moment in time, any reflection and I want to transport people into my stories so expect variety, expect good story telling , expect the unexpected.

—There’s room for it all on this album!

Ques. What is your most valuable addition to a listener’s day when they play your song? What is the sort of mission statement that drives Janelle Sy’mone?

I hope I’ve added some joy. Boy oh boy, joy seems to be coming in micro units these days, but I want to add more to the growing supply.  You.. reading this, I hope I brought you joy or something close to it because I love you that much.
My mission statement and mantra will always be, “ Love Acts Like In The Face Of Everything”, so it’s my mission to bring my  love in my music. I do it all out of love! 

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