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Helen – 3XP | Allure

DMV-based singer-songwriter Helen is out with the sixth track of her career, titled ‘3XP’ – an RnB + Pop fusion track with fresh sounds and appealing melodies. Known best for her playful composition style, in singles such as ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘GO’, the artist shares her perspective on love, lust and all that comes in between. With its sultry lyrics and licks of easy-on-the-ear instrumentation, ‘3XP’ highlights Helen’s passionate nature.

Those who have heard her previous songs and are fans of her work will surely love this new single! The great thing about her music is that you can always expect tasty beats to accompany her delicate vocals, and ‘3XP’ is no exception. A rich blend of deep basslines combined with warm keyboards, along with intricately produced effects and sounds that bind all the pieces together excellently. A truly masterful production and a super-clear mix!

Blending multiple genres together to create unique yet engaging songs is something Helen excels at. By combining the sounds of alternative RnB and pop, the listener gets to hear the best of both worlds, and I think that is what makes her music special. Helen has been writing since the age of 14, and now, a decade later, it seems that she’s found the formula to writing catchy hook-lines that just tend to stick with the listener. Her unique vocal tone paired with her flawless delivery on ‘3XP’, makes it perfect for any chill vibes playlist. If you’re not a fan yet, spend the next two-and-a-half minutes listening to this smooth and vibrant track, you shall not be disappointed!

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