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Brian Barron-Junkie Boy
Brian Barron-Junkie Boy
Brian Barron-Junkie Boy

Brian Barron-Junkie Boy | A twist of fate

Brian Barron opens another page of symphony-story irony with Junkie Boy. Known for his descriptive poetry and simple, memorable melodies, he sings like Johnny Cash. He also plays like Johnny Cash, but with the idea of how much of the story you know. Let’s see what kind of web he spins.

Using Chekhov’s gun with precision, Brian tells us a tale we have seen or heard many times. It is a dismal topic to approach with art like this, but it is important to channel the empathy. Using a simple acoustic folk chord structure, Brian takes the role of the third eye, singing his observations. A so-called delinquent using one of many forms of escapism, and how he doesn’t belong here nor there due to this destructive habit.

This habit of musically translating stories like Scheherazade has been Brian’s backbone for music. Instead of searching for complicated rhythms that have lucrative impact-he has determined the style of music. The harmony in the song adds a certain lightness to the already heavy meaning, a clever counter balance. The chords itself sound playful around something so grim.

His other songs from last year have been great listens as well. Killer on the Loose & Bang Bang! are interesting songs with one being a bohemian tale while the other relies on the Dylan style of narratives. Have a listen and let Brian know what you think!

Listen to his single Junkie Boy here:

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