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Julia Lostrom – Walk Away | Riveting

Melbourne-based, Zambian-raised and Greek-born singer-songwriter Julia Lostrom has returned with a new track titled “Walk Away.” The atmosphere is really gripping throughout. The enticing vocals quickly draw you into the tune. The beat is strong, and the enticing voice production concepts are fantastic. The crescendos and syncopation are utilised to their full extent. The pauses in the production truly help to break up the monotony and give the track a subtle movement that keeps the momentum going until the very end. The lo-fi texture is incredibly appealing and fits the atmosphere excellently. In terms of songwriting, the words are kept simple to allow listeners to quickly relate to the song and form an immediate bond with it.

The song contains a plethora of excellent production aspects. Starting with the intro’s consistent tone. The drum tones mix in wonderfully with the overall sonic design, and the funky strums in the guitar and subtle application of the organs keep the soundscape intriguing. Every synth work is meticulously detailed, not only in terms of beautiful tones but also in terms of the track’s harmonic richness. The bass is robust and tight, providing deep low-end support. Overall, the ambiance is quite powerful, and production fans will be enthralled. The clarity of the words would leave a lasting impact on listeners of all genres.

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