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Georgia Maria - Won’t You?
Georgia Maria - Won’t You?

Georgia Maria – Won’t You? | Desperate String

Won’t You? is the latest track from Georgia Maria, an exceptional guitarist, singer-songwriter, and musician based out of London, UK. A melodic treat to the ears, the song Won’t You? is made by one Rock lover for many more. Georgia Maria’s skill on the guitar is stellar, and her vocals remind you of the legend, Amy Lee. However, Sonically this rock composition is very different from Evanescence. With only a handful of layers on the mix, it is true to Georgia Maria’s acoustic rocker identity. 

Georgia Maria appeared on the indie-rock music scene around late 2019, but she was no newbie. She was decked with experience from performing with bands, doing live gigs, and more. And it wasn’t long before she revealed her debut album, Only One Another, towards the end of 2020 where she worked with award-winning producer Dax Liniere. With a recipe for success, her hair-raising murder ballad Red-Handed Man was a smash. And now she is an established ultra-melodic, prog-tinged folk-rock maestro. Her music has the intensity and energy of rock and roll, while her story-telling and songwriting have a humble classic folk influence.

Furthermore, the song Won’t You? is testament to the artist’s identity as a musician. The guitar solos are absolutely breathtaking and engaging. They truly are the essence of the emotion that Georgia Maria tackles in the song. She is desperate and irritated by a lover who won’t offer themselves wholly. And if you know passion, you know anything less than all of it is never good enough!

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