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Friday Night Firefight – Ghost | Neon

Electro-pop duo Friday Night Firefight takes you back to the 80s with their latest synthwave track, ‘Ghost’. Inspired by artists such as The Midnight and Angels & Airwaves, the group has put their own spin on synth-heavy dance music through exuberant melodies and energetic beats.

On their successful debut album release in early 2021 – ‘Invisible Kids’, the duo focused on exploring retro-pop sounds that were gritty and featured a lot of upbeat rhythms. Their newest single, ‘Ghost’, is filled with hopeful tunes that are quite inspiring. Although Friday Night Firefight’s vibrant instruments and textures might remind you of the neon coloured streets of decades past, they add their own modern touch in a very creative way.

The song’s catchy chorus melody is bound to stick in your head! It’s really dynamic and has a lot of interesting transitions along with satisfying drops that keep the listener engaged till the very end. The electric guitars add to the uplifting vibe of the track. Additionally, a combination of vocoder melodies and smooth instrumental interludes create just the right amount of tension for the final chorus. Picture driving at night in the bustling club hotspots of a big city with the speakers turned up, you’ll sense the arcade-pop vibe of the track a lot more!

Friday Night Firefight has been putting out music since 2019, and have shared some amazing singles over the past few years. ‘Ghost’ is another synthpop-EDM fusion track added to their discography, and it’s just great how you could relax to their music or just dance the night away! Surely there’s plenty more music coming in the future, and I’m looking forward to hearing it!

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