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JXCKY – The Imitation Game | Smooth

Known for blending pop with r&b and trap, Melbourne-based artist JXCKY creates captivating worlds through his music that feature powerful vocals and intricate lyricism. In his latest release, ‘The Imitation Game’ he talks about his somewhat intimidating side and how it’s been an influence on others. Through confident delivery and masterful songwriting, JXCKY is one of those artists you just cannot miss!

His soothing and smooth vocals start off the track over a percussive, muted guitar melody. Similar to the production style of FINNEAS, ‘The Imitation Game’ is a very dynamic track that has a lot of subtle transitions that make the verses seem to flow seamlessly with one another. A simple beat with a soft kick drum and a deep bass carries the groove of the track, giving a lot of space for JXCKY’s vocals to shine through. For the most part, there isn’t much in the frequency spectrum apart from the lead melody and lush background vocals and this emphasises the lyrics all the more. – “Don’t come to me and take my toys and tricks and make them your own, pretty please / it’s clear you have an obsession.”

As the track progresses, a reverb-y guitar lead adds some colour to the verses. The slightly dark tone that is present suits his voice excellently – JXCKY’s delicate voice and casual vocal delivery makes his story sound very honest and natural. Having experienced the ups and downs of relationships, his lyrics are very relatable and I’m sure they will appeal to a lot of people.

This is JXCKY’s fourth single since 2020, and the artist is already making waves in the Melbourne music scene. As a live performer, he delivers hard-hitting performances that are loved by the crowd. His previous singles ‘What’s So Good About Brandon?’ and ‘Lockdown Lover’ were well received by his audience, and I’m sure they’re eager to hear more from him soon!

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