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Hawker-Chakka | Grunge Melt

Hawker explain themselves as a hybrid between TOOL, Nirvana & Hole. I am inclined to agree listening to their latest single Chakka. It is a grunge smasher, with some metal gravity that reflects an entire decade of grunge. 90’s in its reflected whole if that’s any explanation.

Chakka is a chaotic overlap of riffs and chords that you shouldn’t separately focus on. They have their build up to the track like Nirvana and shine in moments like Stone Temple Pilots as well. The Layne Staley voice is definitely recognizable as an influence. As the moment overflows, the creation divides into several depths of grunge and stoner metal riffs that melt into each other. The vocals are dynamic enough to pulsate between the melodic and rage fueled screams that are the chorus.

Hawker isn’t like many other bands you hear. They have a specific pattern, they love certain bands and they love making music. This is evident with Bot Noxious as well, their other single earlier from this year. It takes the form of Dave Grohl’s grunge side projects and inculcates the elements of what made grunge addictive to an entire generation. Like you hear in their new single, they try to define the melody with a simple dominating rhythm and encapsulate it with a whole lot of sludge vibe, not readily available many a times. True rockers by blood.

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