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LLC - Cheers To You
LLC - Cheers To You

LLC – Cheers To You | Celebrating you

Cheers To You is a unique track by musician LLC that embodies a live performance, with the cheering and background vocalisations. I spend many afternoons watching my favourite bands’ live performances. Hence, to no one’s wonder, I AM OBSESSED. This bright and cheerful song with its energetic pop rock sensibility is a totally acceptable replacement to a caffeine shot. Further, its fast and rocking melody offers quick-tempo’d moments for the vitality, and the softer musical breaks complement the former.

LLC is an anagram from the initials of the mastermind behind the musical project — Lorenzo La Cava. A multi-instrumentalist and producer, this Sydney based artist has his skills polished to make a mark with his sound. Moreover, his acoustic cover of Justice Crew’s ‘Que Sera’ turned out to be a viral hit. And now, his original music has outlived those high expectations it set.

His pop-punk influences are a strong characteristic of LLC’s sound. In that way, Cheers To You sounds like what Owl City would do if they were feeling a bit punk-rock. Furthermore, the celebratory jingle has the instrumental elements of 2000s pop with acoustic strum in the forefront. To conclude, Cheers To You by LLC is everything nostalgic that we need to love it. However, it is the smooth, modern production and mixing that categorises it as a classy, contemporary take instead of a homage to the genre.

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