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Kritters – Perfected Time | Poetic Electro-indie

Today, we’re listening to a track by electro-indie duo, Kritters (Robert Steadman and Kirini O.K.), called ‘Perfected Time’, that can be best described as poetry accompanied by percussion-driven orchestral electronica. Now, it may be difficult to imagine what the track sounds like, but once you do hear it, you’ll understand what I mean!

The track begins with a repetitive synth arp melody that introduces a labyrinthine mix of Kirini’s vocals and is accompanied by emotive strings. A complex yet groovy drum progression takes centre stage in the verses and supports the melody of the track wonderfully. Kirini’s soft and airy voice floats with the lush strings, creating a space filled with emotion and nostalgia.

The collection of sounds on this track are really interesting. It almost feels like they shouldn’t complement one another but somehow they do and create an intriguing mix that is a pleasure to listen to. Additionally, there is an exciting bridge section that features an instrumental section as well and builds up to the final chorus excellently. A lovely composition, though I felt the mix could’ve been a bit cleaner, maybe that’s just me!

Kritters was formed when Rob and Kirini met in the UK. They have been releasing music since 2020 and have put out two albums and a few singles since then. Rob was the drummer for the well-known band, Stornoway, for quite some time. His 11-year journey later came to an end and he eventually became a music producer, writing drum-oriented indie songs with Kirini. ‘Perfected Time’ is the opening track to their 12-track album and it’s one helluva listen, so do check it out!

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