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Belora - Dear X
Belora - Dear X

Belora – Dear X | Mellow & melodic

Dear X from Belora is a contemporary RnB hip-hop single. The track a quick beat, and a gentle, sultry touch from the singer’s vocals. There is a synth based quality to all the instrumental layers of the song. Further, the drum beat and strings keep up an entertaining rhythm which lends itself to the chorus really well. The song has a polished indie quality — never sounding like anything you’d expect.

Belora is a musician from Northern Beaches Australia. She was born and grew up in the area, but with the electrifying influences of Motown legends. This ranges from the Jacksons to Keff James and many more. Belora charmingly combines this familiar, easy-going style with her unique voice. And the best part is that you can join this rising musician and support her. The launch party of the single Dear X is scheduled for Nov 25, 2021 at The Great Club, Marickville in Australia.

Perhaps what stands out the most about this song is its quality to sound familiar yet never-heard-before. The artist has soft, sweet vocals which are just a little bit sexy on the playful beat. Overall, it is the kind of song that bridges between hip-hop and Lo-Fi, making it an easy listen at any time.

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