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Barney O’Driscoll - Broken But Fixable
Barney O’Driscoll - Broken But Fixable

Barney O’Driscoll – Broken But Fixable | Grow, slowly but surely

Broken But Fixable by Barney O’Driscoll is a soft, heartfelt song that treads the line between Pop and Hip-Hop. A poet and fellow Lewis Capaldi fan, Barney O’Discroll brings in his enviable storytelling and spoken word style delivery to the song. The result is a song that speaks to you on a profound level. It starts out with the broken artist reminiscing about his closest friends whom he loves. His memory shouldn’t let him down; he can’t forget the true moments of happiness. And that is a reminder of wanting to be better.

The next verse on Broken But Fixable talks about the psychological damage that causes us to be broken. Despite our high-functioning attitudes, trauma lurks in the background — chipping away at the things that make you happy or give you a purpose. On the surface, you might be the most collected person but that is no reflection of the turmoil within. And that shouldn’t take away from the fact that you can recover, do better, and thrive. Our present world is used to throwing away things that are broken. But this unconscious approach causes real damage. What is broken can be fixed. You are fixable even when you’re broken.

With such lyrics that speak to the listener, it can be hard to believe this UK-based artist is only eighteen years old. When he was a child, his health prevented him from devoting himself to the cello. However, he discovered his passion for songwriting and set out on the journey anyway. A self-taught pianist, Barney O’Driscoll started performing on the streets of Birmingham at only fourteen. The musician now boasts of having performed with legends at the famed Camden Roundhouse. His debut single was released in June 2021, and Broken But Fixable marks the onset of another voyage.


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