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Taylor Xo - Dillon Blue
Taylor Xo - Dillon Blue

Taylor Xo – Dillon Blue | O̶l̶f̶a̶c̶t̶o̶r̶y̶ Pleasure

Dillon Blue is a seductive track from Taylor Xo. Taylor has refreshed his brand and image, but more importantly also his music. Combining electronic, RnB, Soul, and a few elements of trap – the song has a very chic, modern vibe. The singer’s smooth vocals glide on the masterfully mixed track. And you wouldn’t expect a rap verse to show up in the midst — but it does. This interesting combination of different styles is exactly what Taylor Xo stands for, and Dillon Blue embodies it perfectly. Furthermore, Taylor Xo has incredible vocals with a great range. As well as a smooth transition between his head voice and chest voice. With the composition and the lyrics, the artist creates an exciting experience for the listeners on this track.

A singer, songwriter, and rapper, Taylor Xo earlier went by Taylor Olson. However, as he evolved as an artist, there was a need for reflecting that changing dynamic and diversification. His new face and music are about blending all the genres he himself is a fan of. And in this way, he offers a fresh perspective on them. This is reflected in his last release, COMPANY. The EP features twelve different artists who blend and merge genres and their own styles. And this album is turned out to be an opportunity for Taylor Xo to cement his new identity. Similarly, the fluid beats of Dillon Blue combined with the artist’s honest lyrical exploration has carved Taylor Xo as a promising artists.

In Conversation with Taylor Xo

Ques. When you reimagined your musical identity from Taylor Olson to Taylor Xo, what was the most exciting part of it?

I think when I reimagined and reinvented myself, it was finally giving life to another side of myself. This persona took over me whenever I shot a music video, or did a live performance. In my day-to-day life (as Taylor Olson) I’m not the most outgoing and confident person. But Taylor Xo has taught me how to realize that person is me. Only, he is just this performance character that I think is a person I look up to and strive to be in my daily life.

Ques. Can you talk a bit about the origins and the thought behind the song Dillon Blue?

Well, it was inspired by my boyfriend. I was inspired by a night when we went out and he asked me to spray my cologne on him. So I asked him why. He replied that he wanted to smell like me while we were out. And I thought about how you can leave a mark on someone when you are so intimate with them. Not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. So it was about the physical sensation of being with him. But it was also about the lingering emotional and mental mark he left on me.

Ques. You have been collaborating a lot with varying artists in your music, how has that been for your personal growth?

I’m beyond grateful for all the artists I’ve worked within the past 10 years doing this. I think I take a new skill or lesson from each artist. Let’s be honest, not every experience has been great and I’ve had some difficulties with some of them but I take that as a learning experience. I learned the most when I did my last album Company. I had this concept and idea to bring together 12 artists on 12 songs and be this big melting pot of art and music and it was probably the most memorable experience of my career.

Ques. With all the music videos coming out, you must be having a blast. How involved are you in your music videos and the production process?

I’m involved every single step of the way. Usually, I come up with the concept of each one and then send it to my director who brings it to life. I usually pick all the locations and as an independent artist. Plus you have to be aware of budgets and pricing because you’re the one paying for all these videos. One of my last ones (XO) was the first time I actually directed the video as well which was a lot of added pressure but so fun at the same time.

Ques. Where are you right now in your own musical journey — and where are you headed from here?

Right now. I’m just trying to enjoy it. Music has felt like a relationship in a way and we have some really great moments with each other and some also pretty low moments. I want to just enjoy and have fun with what I do. I think when you lose the fun is when you have to reevaluate if you want to keep going. So I’m not really trying to focus on what’s ahead of me because all that does is just add pressure to me that I think I’ve worked too hard to not have in my life.

Going forward I have two more collaborations coming out early next year that I’m really excited about and plus a second live album that has been so fun to create.

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