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Mick J Clark – It’s Christmas Party Time | Holiday Swing

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and the Christmas songs keep coming in! Today, we’re back with another Mick J Clark classic holiday tune, ‘It’s Christmas Party Time’. This track opens the ‘Mick’s Christmas Mix‘ EP from 2010 and has over 100,000 streams on Spotify! It’s the most popular Clark song, and soon you’ll see why.

With a swing-drum rhythm and a few bell sounds, Clark takes you on a magical journey of joy and wonder right from the start of the track. I enjoyed the atmosphere of the jolly crowd in the background; it perfectly fit with the party feel and it almost feels like you’re listening to the song with a bunch of people! Subtle yet distorted guitars drive the groove of ‘It’s Christmas Party Time’ along with the drums. Additionally, the lively bass adds to the tracks swingy vibe and emphasizes the rhythm a bit more.

A monophonic synthesizer lead makes the song all the more interesting and a bit more colourful. Clark’s jolly vocals put you in a festive mood and his lyrics are very Christmassy, I must say! – “Jingle bells ring out across the world / It’s a wonderful season for all the boys and girls / So raise a glass and let’s drink to Auld Lang Syne, cause it’s Christmas party time.” The simplistic composition along with relatable lyrics, make this a perfect track for the holiday season!

From a very young age, Clark was absorbed by the world of music and has always had a keen interest in playing the guitar and writing songs. Despite facing multiple obstacles along his journey to becoming a singer-songwriter, he never gave up and has released three albums and three EP’s that range from pop, rock, r&B, dance, Latin and country music. His Christmas EP is a four-track collection of festive tunes that you’ll love playing during the season so do check out his music and enjoy the holidays!

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