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Finn Forster Single Cover
Finn Forster Single Cover

Finn Forster – Stay Right Till The End | Fight for it

Stay Right Till The End from English indie-rock outfit Finn Forster is an exhilaratingly energetic song. The song begins, and the energetic and engaging guitar opening transforms into an electrified riff. A deep voice invites you to a Rock party. And you want to go there. Close your eyes, feel the strings through you — and you will be transported.

Finn Forster is fronted by Luke Finn-Forster, a Northern England-based singer and songwriter. It is safe to say it was in the stars for him to start a band. And I got to hear the story from the man himself!

Becoming Finn Forster

I asked him,  “not many can brag of a multigenerational family band — tell me about that.”

Luke said, “I feel incredibly fortunate to have grown up in music. My family has a band. It consisted of my Grandad before he passed. Alongside my great uncle, my auntie, cousin, uncle, and Mother. The band is called The Shea Family Band. I joined them when I was good enough to strum a few chords, and sing along with a few songs. We mainly played Irish Folk covers, a load of stuff from Artists like The Dubliners. It was the foundation that started absolutely everything for me.”

The origins of Stay Right Till The End

Stringing you in a loop of menacingly pleasurable guitar riffs, the singer tells you what’s in his heart. He has been on an adventure and a wild one at that. And he learned to not give up or give in. He has learned to Stay Right Till The End. So I nudged him, “tell me about the inspiration behind Stay Right Till The End?”

The artist answered, “I lived in the central area of my hometown. I’d just broken up with an ex, and went into a crazy routine of just playing 6-7 gigs per week. Combined with going out with friends non-stop night after night, it was carnage. Fun carnage, but not one bit sustainable. I guess Stay Right Till The End imitates those crazy nights out with friends in music form. The lyrics reference my experiences and I guess they’re a message to myself — and anyone who needs it. If you want something bad enough, just don’t stop – Stay Right Till The End.”

Finding your true sound

A vulnerable moment holds immense learning, but it takes some kind of courage. How does one combine honest, emotional stories with a lively musical setup? What kind of musical roots do you need to learn this art form? Lucky for me, Finn Forster was dishing it out.

“I was growing up with that huge folk influence, and it was combined with a lot of Brit Pop. More recently, Paolo Nutini, Kelly Jones solo work, Stereophonics, and Kings Of Leon. It seems I’ve taken all my influence from these artists. I hope I share with them a rock Grittiness all the while maintaining easy listening, strong vocals. I believe I have subconsciously gone down the same road — which is a really good thing.”

So, what’s next?

With his shows scheduling and filling out fast for the upcoming year, I wondered if the band was excited for what’s in store. And they were psyched! Luke predicted during our conversation, “it’s going to be the biggest yet, for everything, but especially live shows. Playing live is why I do it. Those moments of real connection, I live for that.”

Hear, hear! But then that’s our treat — what’s the artist after now? What should we expect from the sound of Finn Forster in the next releases?

And so he confessed, “It’s been an experimental 12 months with singles. As I lean now into the sound I’m certainly feeling my best with, you can definitely expect some of the biggest, powerful, uplifting records on the way, and that’s at both ends of the BPM. I’m in an incredible position where with each new song I write, I’m feeling like I’m topping the previous. I know that doesn’t last, but I’m not expecting it to stop anytime soon!” 

I don’t see it stopping anytime soon either!

Listen to Stay Right Till The End from Finn Forster:

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