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Sarah McGuinness –Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs) | Merry

With the holiday season right around the corner, people are slowly getting into a festive mood. Today, we revisit a Christmassy track from singer/songwriter, Sarah McGuinness called ‘Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs)’. Featuring jolly melodies, bright tones and a children’s choir as well, the song is sure to get you in a good mood and in the spirit of the holidays!

The song opens with happy melodies on the piano and the xylophone. McGuinness’s vocals come in after a few seconds and are accompanied by chimes and a few soft, sustained strings. Her soothing voice fits the mood of the track perfectly, and as the song moves forward, there’s a children’s choir that sings the catchy chorus melody beautifully. – “No more bad times, you’re gonna be laughing all the way / To a bright tomorrow even though the winter’s on its way.”

Lush string melodies over a soft bass add some colour to the second verse, building up to an attractive bridge section. It’s quite pleasant to hear the combination of children’s voices in the background and McGuinness’ flawless vocal delivery. An excellent selection of sounds; the instruments complement one another nicely and are consistent with the spirit of the track – a classy production!

Known best for her releases ‘Mama Can You See Me Now’ and ‘Glad You’re Gone’, McGuinness takes you on a blissful journey through her songs. ‘Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs)’ is a track with a lot of emotion and merriment so do give it a listen!

Get into the holiday spirit with ‘Christmas Everyday (No More Sad Songs)’, streaming on Spotify!

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