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Rose Avenue – Head in the Clouds | Concert Rock

After releasing their debut album ‘This Game We Play’ in 2020, California-based alternative-rock band, Rose Avenue, is back with an energetic single titled, ‘Head in The Clouds’. Inspired by the sounds of The Rolling Stones, Kaleo and The Beatles, the group is known for their upbeat, hard-hitting songs that features a fresh and modern rock sound.

The three-and-a-half-minute long track is driven by an intricate drum beat and a punchy bass throughout. A catchy hook-line at the beginning sets the lively mood of the vocals and it’s great to hear the song come back to the melody from time to time – you’ll surely feel like singing along! Additionally, the rhythm guitars and melodies add to the rock ‘n’ roll vibe of the track – might remind you of songs by boy-bands like Greta Van Fleet and Nothing but Thieves; in my opinion, they both have a slightly aggressive feel that’s a bit playful at the same time.

“Why can’t I just walk right on? / Don’t let me overcomplicate this / Don’t let me stall and spiral down / Don’t leave me here with my head bashed against the window, and my head in the clouds” – With his powerful and smooth voice, the singer talks about how he doesn’t want to be left alone and wants to come out of his state of absentmindedness. After the second verse, the beat changes, featuring a fiery instrumental segment that is full of energy. The commendable composition of the song paired with an intense production makes this a track you should not miss out on listening to!

Rose Avenue have released their first single after a while now and it seems like they have a lot more amazing music for us pop-rock fans, so check out their latest single and stay tuned for more!

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