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Mick J. Clark – It’s Getting Near Christmas | Christmas Swing

Multi-genre singer-songwriter, Mick J. Clark has been making waves in the music scene for almost a decade now. With over a million streams on Spotify and more than 60 self-written songs on the Sonorous Record Label, Clark’s music covers pop, rock, r&b, ballads, Latin, country and dance/EDM. We’re taking a look back at his 2012 release, ‘It’s Getting Near Christmas‘, just in time for the holiday season, so relax with some eggnog and enjoy the listen!

Most people know a Christmas song when they hear certain melodies, and I must say, this track puts you in the festive mood right from the start. Clark’s raw vocals over a swinging drum rhythm sits delightfully in this feel-good song. His natural vocal tone makes his voice all the more intimate, and you’ll definitely feel like singing along!

An energetic bass performance drives this almost four-minute-long track, adding a nice weight to the drums, ultimately making it a very danceable track. I really liked the lush harmonies that support the vocal melody, it actually does feel like a few people are singing along; just imagine a family Christmas party with everyone getting in the groove with their Santa hats on – a perfect holiday song!

As a songwriter and composer, Clark has released an attractive collection of EPs and singles over the years. His songs have hit the top spots on multiple iTunes Charts and are well appreciated by fans all around the world! ‘It’s Getting Near Christmas’ is one of the tracks from his four-track EP, ‘Mick’s Christmas Mix’, that is sure to get you in the mood for the festive season, so do give it a listen!

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