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Martijn Bakker Band - Wherever I Go
Martijn Bakker Band - Wherever I Go

Martijn Bakker Band – Wherever I Go | Easy-Going

Martijn Bakker Band is a Dutch singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Having worked primarily on vocals, Bakker improved his musical repertoire by learning to play various instruments from the piano to bass and drums. Bakker creates orchestral music that deserves a full-blown orchestra for a live performance, I’m sure. Citing musical legends, Elton John and Bill Withers as some of his influences, it is certainly noticeable with his blues and pop-infused music.

Wherever I Go is a track that seems to have it all. The brass instruments are truly a joy to listen to. The lead guitar seems to steal the show until you hear the jazzy drums and groovy bass line. Martijn Bakker Band has created a track that seems to blow me away with each listen. His songwriting ability is almost impeccable. There’s so much beauty in every single instrument and voicing that he uses. Bakker displays a sound knowledge of various instruments and their ranges that showcase his expertise.

As a theoretician of music, I must say that there is so much complexity to uncover with Martijn Bakker Band. Every single element seems to shine brighter and in new ways upon each new listen to the single. I’m just a fan of orchestral pieces, in general. However, don’t let me tell you how great the track is, listen to it for yourselves to judge!

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